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About Us

Our Thinking

That is man who created machines after all has brought us to a level where all our human resources focus on turning concepts to reality. Our very own skilled team in the CAD / CAM centres leaves no stone unturned in an effort to innovate. The technology of having online monitoring systems in place to improve efficiency has been patented by our MD, Mr. Nitin M. Gupta. This vision system for automated inspection and assembly has fostered greater confidence our dealings with customers. We also boast of Attitude Life Science Products Pvt. Ltd. Where we manufacture the raw material along with a well-equipped testing lab facility.

Vision and Mission


To become a global and regional leader in plastic molding sectors capitalizing on raw material proximity and our know-how.


Attitude Plastic Products Company ensures customer satisfaction and creates long-term partnerships while minimizing products’ costs in all sectors.


Attitude Plastic Products is committed to the highest standards of business conduct. Established in the year 1974 the company has today expanded to large scale business platform which have separate buildings, comprising of a well equipped laboratory, color compounding, fortified engineering polymer development and production. Attitude Life Science Products now has presence in domestic well as international markets.

Corporate Values

Excellence in Quality & Service

In August 1998, Attitude Plastic Products Company received the ISO 9001:2000 certification, thus demonstrating its commitment to high-quality plastic PE films and service. Our computer-controlled processes guarantee consistency in quality.

Innovative Ability

Our technology, in addition to sophisticated and flexible production processes, allows us to come up with creative and innovative solutions. Our expertise enables us to respond to market demand.


Attitude Plastic Products Company has a long-term objective to achieve major international supplier status of flexible packaging products. We also aim at maintaining leadership in the Middle Eastern region. Furthermore, we have a proactive approach to adopting new developments.

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